There was a time when only grandfathers with toupees or aunts with thinning hair are the only ones who wore wigs. These days, everyone from celebrities to employees are donning wigs. The reason? These head coverings are the best way to vary one’s look without having to style and overly treat or damage the natural hair. Also, unlike the wigs from days of old, modern wigs are made using the latest that technology has to offer to make them look and feel as natural as human hair. There is also a huge variety of styles, lengths and colors of wigs that you can choose from.  

Top 5 Wig-Wearing Tips

Now, if you are looking forward to trying on a wig, what are the things that you need to remember? Here are our top five tips on how to best wear wigs: 

Choose a wig with a style and length that suits the shape of your face.

Think of choosing a wig as similar to selecting a new hairstyle. You’d want to look your best while wearing a wig, so make sure that the cut, style and length suits the shape of your face. If you have a prominent jawline, for example, you may want to choose a chin-length wig with a style that has layers on the side to soften your features. Medium length wigs should be perfect for this. 


Get the most natural-looking wig possible.

Wigs come in different types, ranging from human hair to heat resistant, lace front to synthetic, and monofilament to Tru2Life wigs. You don’t want anyone knowing that you are wearing a wig, so choose one with hair strands that look as natural as possible. 

Look for ones with a natural-looking hairline.

Aside from the material that the wig’s strands are made of, you also want to make sure that the hairline is natural-looking once worn. Lace front wigs have the most natural-looking scalp, although they are a bit more expensive than other wig types. 


Don’t wear your wig for too long.

If you’re wearing a synthetic wig, experts recommend changing it after one to two weeks. 
Invest in the right hair care products.


Lastly, if you are investing on high-end wigs, you can make them last longer by investing in the right hair care products. There are combs, shampoos and conditioners which are specially formulated for wigs – which actually went through intense chemical processing to retain the lustre and natural look of the strands. 

By following these tips, you can look your best while wearing a wig and make the hair pieces last longer.