2012 has been another historic year in the world of women’s fashion and wigs.  From the catwalks of Milan to the Hollywood red carpet, right down to the south of France for the Cannes film festival, celebs have took it upon themselves to showcase some new and exciting, spectacular, eclectic and sometimes outrageous hairdo’s. 

In today’s Premium Wigs blog, we’ll be looking at how wig lovers across Britain have   been recreating some of these iconic styles with a little help in hand from the professionals.  With the growing innovation paramount in the wig industry today, the opportunity of certain wig brands to really recreate a new and fresh look are there for all eyes to see... Now it’s just a question of which ones are you guys loving the look of?

With ladies wig’s versatility growing by the season to meet the ever expanding cliental base in Britain, along with their expanding wig expectations, the likes of Raquel Welch, Hairdo and Hothair have really had their work cut out to make sure every women out there gets exactly what she wants.

To give you a firm rundown on the most popular wigs of 2012 we’ve enlisted the help of industry expert Helen Chamber’s.  So grab a glass of wine ladies and discover what’s been hot in the world of wigs this past year.

Helen...Thank you for joining us today...From now on, it’s over to you...

Thanks guys, okay without further ado let’s get this show on the road!

Coming in at number 5 has to be one of my personal favourites:  Joanna from Hothair just screams sexy!  We’ve got tumbling waves, a beautiful side swept fringe and from my experience, it looks good on any lady.  Joanna is very popular amongst ladies between 24 and 35.  It’s fresh, modern and classy, three things that I believe a modern day woman should be.  At a great price, there’s no surprise that this luxury ladies wig has been up there this year.  

Long Blonde Women’s Wig (£159.00)

Next up is Glaze, also from Hothair.  This long curly natural ladies wig really portrays that cute and sexy ‘girl next door look’.  It’s charming, intriguing and her ever so subtle falling curls really make her enticing to any onlooker.  Again very popular amongst younger women, this beautiful ladies wig really deserves her position amongst 2012’s elite.  

There’s just something about Glaze, a lot of our clients can’t quite put their finger on it, all they know is when they wear it a new ‘super sexy’ women is unleashed.  Her obvious mysteriousness and natural beauty justify applause which she has been rightly given this year.

Moving on, and this one is for the short ladies wig lovers, at number 3 is Raquel Welch’s Very Short Ladies Wig, which defies the script of shorter hairdo’s to offer clients an ever so natural look, idilic for all day wear.  The quality upheld in such a wig is quite frankly second to none.  I honestly believe that women searching for a short ladies wig are really lovestruck with this wig because of her subtle beauty, comfort and smart cropped style.  A woman buying this ladies wig, is most likely to be mid to late 30’s, in search of a wig which she can put on and not have to worry about how it looks throughout the day.  

In Raquel Welch’s wigs, she knows that her captivating a sexy style will still be with her when she takes her shoes off at the end of a busy day.

Penultimately, is Inspired’s Long Brown Wavy Wig.  Well, where to begin?  She’s firstly, fit for a beauty queen.  Upon looking at her style, length, feel, texture and shape, you cannot say anything bad.  Everything in this wig is just so beautiful, so organic and so natural.  When you picture that smart and sexy lawyer accompanying Mr Bond in one of his latest 007’s, or the girl who finally wins the heart of Mr Darcy, I personally can see her wearing this kind of style.  

I believe a big attraction to women all over the country who are interested in this wig, is that it is so different, so charming and ultimately that classy that women simply have to try it.   

Whether you’re out for dinner, catching up with the girls or on the look out for that handsome stranger, this beautiful wig is something that many women have wished to have in their locker since it’s release earlier this year.

Finally, and by no means least is Raquel Welch’s Luxurious Long Ladies Wig.  The Show Stopper wig is quite literally just that.  From her monofilament base and luxury vibralite hair fibre, displaying the most natural of looks, I certainly have ever seen.  Right through to her charming length and beautiful off the face styling this women’s wig is very popular amongst our cliental. 

I honestly believe for this women’s wig, that words can’t quite do justice as to how beautiful it is.  It really is one of those ‘sit back and admire’ wig’s, one in which you’ve never appreciated silence so much.  

A typical woman buying this Raquel Welch wig would be a young professional in her 20’s or 30’s.  A London city worker who demands nothing but the very best a wig has to offer.  An unrelenting women, keen to maintain her femininity throughout the stresses and strains of modern day life.  Depicting the utterly compelling look of the Show Stopper is what it’s all been about in 2012 and in this wig you can trust to deliver unparalleled and completely sexy looks day, after day.