Part of the fascination that the public has with keeping track of the moves of Hollywood celebs is that they hardly ever look unglamorous in person. They have to live up to the image of being a fully made-up, costumed movie or music star, and even their day of running errands get photographed by the paparazzi. But if you think that the almost weekly changing of Katy Perry’s hair colour or the straight-to-curly changing of other popular music star’s hairstyles do not do damage to their natural locks, think again. Over treating and over styling hair can cause undue damage to the strands, and some even lead to patch baldness. Fortunately, there are high-end wigs such as the ones available at Premium Wigs UK which can make the wearer look ultra-glamorous, but without having to damage natural hair.  


5 Hollywood Celebs who Wear Wigs

If you’re wondering who among the most famous Hollywood celebs and music stars frequently wear wigs, take a look at our top 5 list:


Beyonce Knowles

When you browse through the online pictures of Beyonce, you will almost never see her wearing the same hairstyle. The frequent change in style and even hair length does not affect her natural strands at all because she keeps them protected by wearing wigs.

Gwen Stefani

Wearing platinum-blonde hair ala-Gwen Stefani may be cool and trendy, but it is one of the most unkind colours to have on your hair – even if you’re a natural blonde. To protect her natural hair color, Gwen Stefani dons a platinum blonde wig.

Lady Gaga

From platinum blonde to egg yellow, pink to neon green – Lady Gaga seems to have worn them all. Thankfully, these hairstyles are courtesy of high-end, colourful wigs so hopefully, the status of her natural hair is still intact.

Nicki Minaj

Pink, electric blue, green, platinum blonde, half-blonde/half-green – these are just some of the hair colours worn by pop singer Nicki Minaj. Her crazy hair colours are part of her look, and they are a result of some really cool wig stylists.


Finally, there’s Rihanna who popularized the bob cut when she first entered the music scene. Today, her hairstyles, length and colour varies, depending on the type of wig that she’s in the mood to wear.