If you have short hair but want to look more glamorous with longer locks, you can definitely wear hair extensions. Similar to wigs, they can be worn to completely change up one’s look without damaging natural hair. The length of hair extensions range from 10 to 22 inches, so those who want to have the illusion of having really long locks should seriously consider wearing them. Unlike wigs, however, you need to choose hair extensions that match the natural colour of your hair. There are many online stores like Wigs.com where you can get a variety of colours and lengths for these hair extensions which look and feel like human hair.    

Different Ways to Correctly Attach Hair Extensions 


Aside from not damaging your natural hair, extensions give you the benefit of having that extra length, fullness and shine to your locks. Depending on the type of hair extension that you will wear, there are different ways to correctly attach them to your natural hair: 


Using the warm fusion method. 

This is a technique of attaching hair extensions where a small amount of Keratin is pre-attached on the ends of hair strands. Using warmed Keratin to form a small bond with the hair, the extension is then attached to small sections of the natural hair. Using this method, your hair extension can last for three to six months. 


Using the cold fusion method. 

This is a similar method to warm fusion, only warmed Keratin bond is not used. Instead, ultrasonic waves are utilized to melt the Keratin and form the bond during the attachment of the hair extension to your natural strands. This is the safest among the hair extension attachment methods, and can also last for three to six months. 


Using the strand-to-strand technique. 

Here, the hair extension is attached to the hair using a small tube which is squeezed shut later on. Links, beads, tubes, locks, rings or microlinks are used to make the natural hair look longer. 
Attaching weft hair extensions. 


Finally, there’s the traditional method of using weft which is a track on which the hair is attached. The weft can be man-made or machine-made and the extensions are applied one row or track at a time, instead of strand-by-strand. This is a much faster way of attaching hair extensions. 


When deciding which among these methods to use, always consult your stylist. Some methods are suitable for those with fine hair strands while others work better for those with thicker hair. No matter which one you end up using, what’s important is to have the hair extension attached to your natural hair properly for it to look fuller, shinier and longer.