Win the battle of the sexes with the help of the new Inspired range of luxurious ladies wigs soon to be released onto the premium womens wig market, for your eyes only.  Along with the big tag lines including, ‘Salon Quality Style’ ... ‘The most natural wigs in the industry ... and our personal favourite, ‘Industry leading hair, which won’t break the bank’, comes a series of questions revolved around justifying these statements made to current and future ladies wig lovers including you. 

Forgive us if we’re wrong ladies, but we’re not just going to take Inspired by Natural Image’s word for it.  We have put together a range of questions asked by our research team geared to get to the bottom of the bold statements to discover if the Inspired range of luxury womens wigs really are, worthy of you.

What are the marquee characteristics of the new Inspired Wig Collection?

The new collection of ladies wigs by Inspired are firstly, modelled upon famous hairstyles worn by female celebs including Jessie J, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.  One marquee characteristic in the Inspired range is that all of the styles showcased are modelled upon salon quality finishes, ensuring instant captivating style fresh out of the box.  The Inspired range of luxury wigs by Natural Image boast an illustrious spectrum of flowing tones, meaning you are sure to find the right colour of female wig perfect for you, in any style. 

Inspired Wigs uphold superior wig craftsmanship and individually contain over 3 years of research and development, geared to provide the most comfortable wear ever witnessed by female wig lovers.  This said, let us not forget about the key components, which make up this marvellous collection of comforting ladies wigs.  All of the ladies wigs in this luxury collection contain monofilament tops, which provide ultimate realism and versatility.  All the women’s wigs also contain comfort cap constructions which, with the use of open weft technology, allow your head to breathe with their lightweight and refreshing feel.

Natural Image, the manufacturers of the Inspired range, have purposely made this brand new and exciting collection easier to style and care for.  Here at Premium Wigs UK, Britain’s recommended retailer, we appreciate how busy the lives of our cliental are.  Our female wig fans seek styles which are easy to change and wig’s which are easy to manage.  Needless to say ladies, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for in the Inspired range of professional wigs for women.  With a pre styled collection showcasing some modern and elegant style you, as one of our newest members, will have nothing to do but sit back and eagerly anticipate the arrival of your beautiful and affordable ladies wig. 

What are the long term benefits of wearing an Inspired Wig For Women?

Say ‘no!’ to constant re-colouring and trimming of your hair, in order to maintain that optimum style.  With Inspired wig’s new range of easy to maintain styles, you can now sit back with a glass of wine, rely on looking great for that special night out and enjoy valuable time with the family, without having to spend time up keeping your natural locks.  With Inspired wig’s specialising in day to day styles, you are now able to allow your natural hair to recover, revitalise and reinforce behind the scenes, meaning when you call upon it, your natural hair will be in the best possible condition. 

How durable are the Inspired Range of Wigs?

The Inspired collection has been formulated with ultimate durability in mind.  Each style individually harnesses firming and definitive technology to provide you with a long lasting wear and wig experience.  The Inspired range includes enhanced synthetic fibres, which despite being individually reinforced for a firmer construction are still able to display their natural, sensuous and smooth feel.  The reliable comfort cap construction allows for freedom of movement of the hair follicles whilst being able to deliver bespoke security which will adapt to your heads natural shape. 

For whom does the Inspired Collection By Natural Image cater for best?

The beautiful collection of womens wigs by Inspired caters for a variety of ladies.  Whether you’re new to the world of wigs or a seasoned veteran, you are certain to appreciate some of the key concepts present in this collection, designed to suit any wig lover’s tastes. 

A woman experiencing thinning hair or hair loss is guaranteed to appreciate the one of a kind natural finish achieved by the wigs in the Inspired collection.  Natural Image have been very specific to produce a poignant series of wigs which portray ultimate realism as well as incredibly charming looks.  For ladies with health conditions, allow this exclusive range of premium wigs to ease the pain of the thinning or loss of your hair and help your journey get right back on track.

If you’re tired of the same old style and looking for a little versatility, then it’s time to take notice of the Inspired Range of high quality female wigs.  All of the wigs uphold ultimate versatility thanks to their style, design and construction.  Furthermore, this range of wigs for women exudes luxury and comfort.  Made for exclusive ladies, with exclusive taste, there’s only one brand you need to be searching out for.  A brand that is remoulding the boundaries for luxurious ladies wig and setting the standard in the industry.

What technology is present in the Inspired Range?

There are four key technological concepts which underpin the construction of the all new Inspired range of wigs.  Each piece individually harnesses the capabilities of the wig to look more natural, realistic and as radiant as ever before.  The first key concept present being a deluxe monofilament top.  Such a monofilament construction consists of individually fastened monofibre hair being attached onto a skin coloured mesh cap allowing for ultimate versatility.  With the monofilament parting present in a large proportion of the Inspired range, the client has the capabilities to part the hair in any direction she wishes, without compromising on subtlety or style. 

The second key technological inspiration in the Inspired range is luxury ladies wigs consisting of 100% hand tied bases.  Such a wig formulation guarantees a refreshing and ultra realistic finish by each individual strand of hair being given the attention to detail as every fibre before it.  Although quite time consuming during the manufacture of this luxurious collection of female wigs, the results are quite astonishing as the illusion of the individual hair follicles growing out of you own head is intensified further. 

Touched upon in other Premium wig brands are lace front ladies wigs.  Such is the natural look and invisible hairline achieved in a comforting and durable front lace finish that you are able to create supreme off the face styling with hair fibres individually attached onto a luxurious and lightweight lace front.  Finally, open wefts add to the element of luxury with a breathable, lightweight and comforting construction, which will go virtually unnoticed from the clients perspective all day long.  These components combine to give an incredibly exciting and enjoyable wig experience.

Giving you a second to drawer breath and contemplate whether such a high quality range of ladies wigs could be for you, allow Premium Wigs UK to drawer our own conclusion.  With an exquisite insight into studies that focus on the everyday challenges women have with their own hair as well as wigs, we are more than confident that a luxurious, world class and superior brand of ladies wig has now been born.  ‘Inspired’ by Natural Image showcase everything we believe in as well as everything our clients will adore in wigs.

Shop the entire range of the Inspired Collection of womens wigs exclusively online at Premium Wigs UK and discover the wig that will leave your inner goddess reaching for the clouds.