What better way is there to change up your look than to try on a wig? Unlike a few decades back when wigs used to be ill-fitting headpieces or painfully obvious toupees, the advancement in technology has made wig-wearing a must for the women of today. Even Hollywood celebrities do not subject their natural hair anymore to the chemicals and heat application required for styling hair. By simply putting on a wig, they can change up their look in an instant.  

Natural and Stylish 

One example of a wig that you can try on is this Natural Long Brown Wig for Women. Available online at PremiumWigs UK, the Crystal from Natural Image wig is perfect for those with short hair but cannot grow their locks long or fast enough to come up with the perfect wavy hairstyle. Natural Image is one of the leading wig manufacturers in the beauty industry today, and they are known for making high-quality, stylish wigs that women like to wear.  Let’s delve a bit deeper into the characteristics of this natural long brown wig from Natural Image. The technology used behind the making of this wig is to use a monofilament top. One of the biggest challenges of wearing cheap wigs is that they are very uncomfortable or even itchy on the scalp. With the monofilament top of Natural Image wigs, wearing a wig – even all day – is a breeze. It has a lightweight, breathable cap that will make you not even notice that you ware wearing a wig. 

For natural movement, the texture of the natural brown wig is enhanced to make the wearer have eye-catching locks. The style of the wig is a classic where the soft, bouncy layers fall perfectly into place and reaches a few inches below the shoulders. You can also opt to highlight the bangs or simply move it to the side, but putting them against the forehead makes the wearer look younger. Aside from brown, this wig is also available in a rainbow of other colours at PremiumWigs UK.
More Wig Info:

Wig Length from Crown – 1.75-9 inchesWig Length from Nape – 10 inchesWig Length from Sides – 8 inches