Raquel Welch WigWhy do some women wear wigs? Those who have thinning or no hair at all due to alopecia or medical conditions opt to wear wigs instead of scarves. Another reason is to simply try out a new hair length, style or colour. Instead of making drastic changes with your hairstyle, you can simply try wearing a wig with your preferred colour, style or length first. If you see that it is a flattering style for you, that is the time that you can turn it into something more permanent.


Sleek, Straight and Beautiful


Let’s say that you currently have short hair and you would like to try wearing a sleek, straight and beautiful hairstyle. For this, you can try wearing the Raquel Welch Luxurious Long Ladies’ Wig. Available at PremiumWigs UK, the line of wigs that Raquel Welch has is made from high-quality material. They are also ultra-stylish, very comfortable to wear and come in a variety of colours and lengths. To learn more about the features of Raquel Welch wigs, you can check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXijBiuqHvs


Going back to the Luxurious Long Ladies’ Wig – what are the qualities that make it special? Unlike regular wigs which are made with human or synthetic hair, this wig is built with Tru2Life hair fibres. This is a type of material manufactured using the latest that technology has to offer because it is heat-resistant. If you opt to wear the wig stick-straight, you can do so. But if you would like to add some bounce, curls or waves, you can use a curling iron to style it. The wig will not be ruined because the Tru2Life fibre makes the hairpiece resistant to heat styling.


This means that you can expect the wig to last for a very long time. Finally, the cap of the wig is built in such a way that it is very lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear. Even if you put on the wig the entire day, you will not feel a heavy burden on top of your head. Instead, you will feel as if the wig is a natural part of you – just like your real hair.


More Wig Info: 

            Wig Length from Crown – 12 inches

            Wig Length from Nape – 12 inches

            Wig Length from Sides – 11.5 inches