Almost all Hollywood celebrities have tried a bob hairstyle at one time or another. This is especially so during the summer when women would like to have a breezy, cool and easy-to-manage hairstyle. If you currently have long locks and you wish to try this hairstyle but you don’t want to go through a few months enduring an unflattering haircut, it is best to try out a temporary bob to see if it suits you. You can wear any of the bob style wigs available at online shops like PremiumWigs UK. Read on to find out more about how you can choose the best bob style wigs based on your face shape.  

How to Choose the Best Bob Style Wigs for Your Face Shape

Take a look at some tips that we have on how you can choose the best bob style: 

Learn about the different bob styles. 

If you think that the only bob hairstyle that you can go for is the one popularized by Rihanna a few years ago, think again. There are actually different kinds of bob hairstyles that you can choose from. For instance, an angled bob has a blunt cut above the shoulders. Depending on what the stylist would do, the hair may be longer at the jaw and shorter at the back, or vice versa. 

An inverted bob is a hairstyle where the hair at the back is shorter, while the front part is longer and fuller. A layered bob is flattering for almost every face shape, and is a layered style where the hair goes down to the chin. There’s also the shoulder bob which is a longer version of the traditional bobs. 

Choose one based on the shape of your face. 

If you have a V-shaped face, a chin-length bob will break the length of your face to make it look fuller and wider. If you have a round face, a shoulder bob works to make your face appear slimmer. Those with a triangular, square or diamond-shaped face can go for a textured or layered bob to soften the lines of the face. 

Go for either trendy or classic bobs. 

Lastly, you can take your pick from either trendy or classic bobs. No matter which of these two you end up wearing, you can easily use a bob style wig to see if it’s the perfect hairstyle for you to have.