Buns are a versatile hairstyle because they can be worn both casually and formally. If you’re heading for a night out with friends, you can go wear a loose bun paired with your favourite jeans and top. For more formal occasions, a smooth bun worn high on top, at the back or even at the side of the head make for the perfect hairdo. 

Top 5 Ladies’ Hair Buns 

Now, if your hair is not that long yet to pull off wearing a bun, you can easily rely on hairpieces such as the ones available at Premium Wigs UK for a temporary fix. Hair buns come in a variety of styles and colours so you can easily choose one that will best suit your hairstyling needs. Here are the top five ladies’ hair buns available at Premium Wigs UK:


Blonde Luxury Ladies’ Hairpiece for a Bun 
Those with blonde hair can go for this luxury hairpiece which combines easy elegance with a bit of a funky vibe. All you have to do to come up with a hair bun is to tie your natural hair in a ponytail and wrap the hairpiece around it. The product comes with a wrap scrunchie so that you can hide the joint of your natural hair and the hairpiece. 


Clip-in Hair Piece for a Bun
An updo that is incredibly easy to make is a lady’s bun using a clip-in hairpiece from PremiumWigs UK. It has two easily-styled wires that allows you to make either an elegant, tight bun or a more casual, loose one. 


Curly Clip-in Ponytail
If you have naturally curly hair, you can go for a curly clip-in ponytail. Similar to the other hairpieces from PremiumWigs UK, it is made from the finest synthetic hair fibre, making it last through many bun-wearing occasions. 


Scrunchie Wrap Ladies’ Hairpiece 
The scrunchie wrap hairpiece from PremiumWigs UK offers instant lift with maximum volume. It comes in a variety of colours so you can simply choose one that best fits your natural hue. 

Straight Clip-in Ladies’ Ponytail Finally, for glamorous occasions, you can have a hairstyle that’s oozing with style without a lot of fuss. Wear this straight clip-in ladies’ ponytail from PremiumWigs UK, which measures a good 12 inches. It’s very easy to wear and you can put it on the side, top or back of your head for that instant glammed up look.