From PremiumWigs UK comes this very short blonde ladies’ wig by Raquel Welch. Classified as a monofilament female wig, it’s a great alternative for women with long hair who would like to see how it is to have very short hair – minus the need for a drastic haircut. It’s also a great hairpiece to wear if you would like to try out a new hair colour. Before dyeing your hair, you can try on a wig first and see if the colour and length of the hairstyle flatters the shape of your face.  

Go Bold and Short! 

Why should you go for this specific short blonde ladies’ wig? First up, it comes in a variety of colours ranging from black to brown, or honey ginger to grey. As mentioned earlier, if you are looking forward to trying out a new hair colour, you can don a wig temporarily and see if you would like to have the same hairstyle on a long-term basis. 

Second, the wig is under the Raquel Welch line of hairpieces. This Hollywood celebrity has a successful line of wigs since she launched her business a few years ago. When you buy a wig with her name on it, you are assured of excellent quality and style. 
Third, the very short blonde ladies’ wig is very comfortable and easy to wear. It comes with an in-built Memory Cap II construction that models the wig to your natural head shape – within one hour of use! This means that even if it is your first time to wear a wig, you will not feel as if there is a foreign object on top of your head. Instead, you will feel comfortable enough to move your head naturally with the wig because its shape has already moulded itself to your scalp. 

Finally, the Raquel Welch wig is made using the industry-leading Vibralite hair fibre which makes the hairpiece look and feel as natural as human hair. With the classic boy cut style and a wide array of colours to choose from, you will never go wrong when wearing this very short blonde ladies’ wig by Raquel Welch, exclusively from PremiumWigs UK. 
More Wig Info:

Wig Length from Crown – 6 inches

Wig Length from Nape – 2 inches

Wig Length from Sides – 2.5 inches