Back up Caution and hello style serenity!  Ladies, there’s a new you right around the corner and here to pave your way and shine a light onto her are the experts at Premium Wigs UK.  There’s a new kind of women stepping out onto the streets of towns and cities close by:  A more confident, sexier and independent lady, tearing up the usual hairstyle script and ready and waiting to break the boundaries of typical day to day style and elegance.  How is she doing this? You may ask.  The answer is, with a luxurious, high quality and natural looking ladies wig from Premium Wigs UK.

Never before has a larger population of women said ‘no!’ to dull, lifeless and agonising hair. Instead, It’s now time to join the growing number of ladies all over the globe saying ‘yes’ to dazzling reds, fun blondes and professional brunettes in the form of an expertly crafted ladies wig, giving you endless comfort, unparalleled beauty and a salon quality finish inspired by professionals. 

With an annual spend on average of £638.00 on hair care products, treatments and styling; the modern day women is more than capable of holding her own in the fashion, style and sex appeal stakes.  With this figure expected to rise by up to 20% before the end of 2015:  Premium Wigs UK have devised a collection of ladies wigs which offer everything and more women look for in their own hair and to inspire a little more ‘wow’ factor, at a fraction of the price. 

Raquel Turner and Angela Carson the founders of Premium Wigs UK @2002 proudly spoke about the future of the women’s hair industry and shed a little more light onto the topic of wigs for women during London Fashion Week 2012.  ‘As our exciting and captivating collection of ladies wigs grow along with our cliental base, we have been very fortunate to be able to analyse the market, including the factors stimulating the growing demand for ladies wigs amongst the hair industry.  As far as I gather one of the biggest stimulants is the growing availability of more natural looking wigs, especially online.  In this day in age, subtlety is everything and with the sudden up rise in wig technology, for example monofilament wigs, being made available, more and more ladies are reaping the benefits of more elegant and stylish wigs’ Stated Miss Turner.  Her co-founder Angela Carson, whom offers a wealth of experience in the hair and wig industry goes on to state.  ‘With the rise of social pressure on women to look beautiful and stylish in this day in age casts an immediate spotlight onto their hair do.  It is inevitable that women will look to wearing wigs to achieve their desired looks as they are easier to manage, quicker to perfect and guarantee the same endless style irrespective of use’...’The modern day women does not necessarily have the time or patience to prime her own hairstyle.  Moreover, with the problems women can face in maintaining their hair day in day out, sometimes a professional and adorable finish is simply not possible.’

With a dedicated, knowledgeable and innovative team of professionals on board, Premium Wigs UK look certain to leave their mark on the hair and wig industry for years to come.  With a heavy emphasis of obtaining new styles to our collection and a carefully scrutinised selection process: Premium Wigs UK boast only the markets most luxurious wigs, guaranteeing a bespoke shopping experience for our new and existing clients, unrivalled by other online competitors.