Whether you’re looking for fun, versatility and a barely there look in your ladies wig or a wig which showcases amazing realism with that professional touch, it all comes down to one thing!  No...not style, but construction.

There’s a common belief in the world of wigs for women that a wig is only as good as it’s fibre and it is with great confidence to inform you that it is true.  But what are you paying for?  The answer is ‘fibre’.  The one single most important variant in a female wig, which will determines if you send your inner goddess to heaven, or simply have her stuck in the clouds.

Here at Premium Wigs UK and in our latest wig blog, we’re going to assess the two most common forms of fibre, besides human hair itself and discover exactly what each one offers and if it’s right for you.

Vibralite Hair Fibre

Vibralite Hair Fibre for wigs... Luxurious, beautiful and natural, these are the first three words that spring to mind after effortlessly running your fingers through this soft and supple fibre.  It feels real, it looks real and it totally transforms a ladies wig.

Industry expert Marianne Cole, a professional stylist for a host of female celebs says: ‘It’s hard to believe it’s not real hair.  All of my clients working with vibralite hair extensions or vibralite wigs love it.  There is no telling it apart from human hair and it’s toughness and longevity, almost make it better than the real thing.’

Often perceived as the most natural man made synthetic hair fibre, Vibralite stakes more than a claim to be up there in terms of wigs for women, for years to come.

Tru2Life Hair Fibre

Most present in Raquel Welch’s wig collections and Hairdo’s red carpet ready wigs and hairpieces, Tru2Life hair fibre gives you something different...and different...and different!

Change up your look in an instant thanks to the heat friendly Tru2Life Hair Fibre.  Using styling tools up to 180 degrees, this form of hair fibre gives you the ability to chop and change it any way you want to, from one day to the next.  With Tru2Life wig’s ability to truly suite any occasion, there’s no surprise that more and more ladies have flocked to online wig stores and ladies wig retailers to get there hands on the action.

Sure, you can straighten, wave or curl to truly mirror women’s ever changing mood, however, surely realism is more important than versatility?

You would think so.  However, what Tru2Life offers you is a ‘wow’ factor.  A look that instantly screams sex appeal and a red carpet look, sure to get heads turning.  On the other hand, Vibralite is so natural and so luxurious that it doesn’t give you that ‘wow’ look to those who do not know you due to these wigs incredible subtlety.

To sum it all up, you, as a women’s wigs newcomer or experienced lady should really ask yourself the question.  What am I buying a wig for?  If it’s for those glamourous, red carpet looks defined by celebs such as Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and our own beauty queen Cheryl Cole, then Tru2Life is most certainly for you.

If however, you’re a lady wishing to seriously revamp her hairstyle, yet searching for anonymity, solace and easy upkeep then Vibralite is certainly your direction. 

Whichever wig you decide to go for ladies, it’s always important to remember what you want, where you’re going with it and how far your fibre construction will take you.  It doesn’t have to be a big decision, but it’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of each wigs fibre.