With party season fast approaching and millions of glamorous ladies out there looking for that special hairstyle or cute little party number, we thought we’d get our heads together in order to offer a little bit of guidance on how to apply this holiday season’s must have accessory. Filling the stockings of millions of ladies this Christmas will be some of the most luxurious ladies clip-in extensions available on the market. Whether you’re on a night out with the girls, preparing the Christmas dinner, or putting your feet up with a large glass of ‘Pinot’, clip in hair extensions can instantly add style, confidence and sex appeal within minutes of application.

So how do us ladies get it right?

Firstly, your application technique should depend on the number of pieces you’re working with. We will get on to if you are working with more than one piece a little bit later, but for now, we’ll be looking at one piece ladies hair extensions and telling you how to make them look simply irresistible.

Step 1...Create a horizontal parting around the rear of your head at temple level and temporarily clip you hair up out of the way. Jessica Simpson clip in extensions always come with grips to help you complete this process, but any firm grip will do the job well.
Step 2...Tease your hair at the very root along your created parting. Such a technique will give you added security when the entire hair extension piece is fastened.
Step 3...When you’re dealing with clip in hair extensions, it’s always good to start application with the centre clip of any one piece. By getting this piece securely in the correct position, you’re really going to create that symmetrical look, which in turn will make your overall hairstyle look fantastic.
Step 4...Working outwards, firmly fasten all of the available clips along your created parting at the very roots. Remember to be firm but fair when it comes to where you choose to position the clips. Too stretched and it may damage your natural look, likewise, too close together and you may lose your hair extensions built in volume.
Step 5...Once this is done, release the clip temporarily holding your own hair in place and allow to fall. Using your fingers, gradually blend in the hair extensions hair into your own natural hair for a completely natural look.

If you do wish to work with more than one hair extension piece, which many ladies wig brands also offer, the trick here is to create another horizontal parting further down the back of your head and use the same above technique to apply them.
Bestselling brands such as Hairdo, Raquel Welch and Hot Hair strike the perfect balance between getting wonderfully long and voluminous hair along with being easy to apply, style and manage. By following the above five steps ladies, you’re sure to make more than a few heads turn this Christmas with you clip in, style making and ultramodern hair accessories. Keep a look out for more of our handy tips leading up to the big day with the expert advice and years of experience upheld by members of Premium Wig’s UK Team.

Happy Clipping!