Cancer Patients Wig Advice

We are all aware of the damage ill health can have on the human body, after all, as some of us go through periods of ill health the physical strains placed upon our bodies often have visible effects on the way we look.  A condition estimated to ever so cruelly fall across the paths of one in three women is Cancer.  Here at Premium Wigs UK we never underestimate a womens worth and it is with great pleasure we introduce to you some of the most eye opening, heart warming and comforting stories experienced by women suffering with hair loss due to Cancer.

Here at Premium Wigs UK, a family run business, we have ever so harrowingly experienced first hand the impacts of Cancer with close family members and family friends.  Some, are now angels and others are still smiling with us today.

It is with these experiences that the Premium Wigs family of goals and beliefs were formulated and still remain stronger than ever before today.  We sought to make the loss of hair as pain free and comfortable as possible, offering our clients solace throughout their treatment period and beyond.  

We are very keen to differentiate between the words ‘patients’ and ‘clients’ as despite illness suffered by our clients wishing to buy a ladies wig due to hair loss, we believe that every woman deserves the right to look utterly compelling and beautiful, regardless of the motives for wanting to buy a ladies wig.

Now is the time to put yourself first ladies and focus on your fight and recovery.  Every once in a while we ask one of our clients described above to come and have a chat with us over a coffee to discuss the ins and outs of their experiences upon wearing a wig for women throughout this troublesome time.  

You are certainly not alone ladies and Premium Wigs UK have never quite made promises like this.  With the help of our experts and the below wig and cancer case studies, we seek to provide you with as much information, communication and insight into wearing a womens wig as possible.  We strive to provide you with style serenity, peace of mind and happiness during your battle.  At Premium Wigs UK we also aim to provide every woman out there who is suffering from hair loss with the advice and comforting words you may be longing to hear.

Feel free to ask any questions with regards to your queries, concerns and wonderings by contacting Gemma at: 

Meanwhile, today’s case study is of Jo from Lincolnshire.  A 45 year old mother of three, Jo has decided to talk about the bare facts of her journey and take the Premium Wigs UK hot seat after her personal battle against cancer. 

Hello Jo, Thank you for participating in today’s interview and breaching a very sensitive subject with us.  It is fantastic to hear of your recovery, but today we’ll focus on your wig preferences before, during and after your treatment, and a range of issues relating to that.  Firstly, how did wearing a ladies wig during your treatment make you feel?

When you’re in that situation, honestly, the least of your worries is how you look, certainly from my perspective.  However, wearing a high quality wig did offer some comfort whilst in social environments as I felt it wasn’t the first thing people thought after looking at me, as appose to wearing no wig.  In that instance, you can get on with your day without it being the main topic of conversation or look.  That was great!

What Wig did you choose and and was it easy to find?

I wore a Raquel Welch wig, I forget the name now, but it was gorgeous.  It was a gift from my partner and as mentioned before it really eased the burden and looks.  It was very easy to choose to be honest.  Like most things, if you see it and like it, you  know that’s the one for you.  With a ladies wig, there’s very little switching and debating, you know the one when you see it, or at least I did. 

Do you feel like you got good value out of your wig and why didn’t you use a recommended NHS wig for cancer patients? 

We did have a brief look at NHS wigs, but the selection I saw was very limited and not really of the best quality  With regards to my Raquel Welch wig, It was unbelievably good value.  The initial price I think was just under £200.00 but the realism and long lasting nature of it, made it very much worth it in the long run.  In fact, when my hair began to grow back after treatment, the wig still looked the same as it did the day it arrived.

How long did you wear your wig after treatment?

It was about a year I think.  It took a while for my hair to grow fully back and for it to be thick enough to really be able to sufficiently style it.  But I always compared it to my wig’s quality after that.

Did you ever consider wearing your wig permanently, even post hair growth?

I did, but not the Raquel Welch one.  Words cannot do justice to how traumatic this period of your life can be.  It may sound a little strange but I just wanted to keep the wig out of sight as I don’t ever want to go back there or be reminded of the many issues.  Sorry if that sounds a little strange, but it was nice to put it away, obviously I’ve kept it as that is something very special and personal to me. 

Never, That’s perfect Jo.  What ladies wig did you opt for next?  What made you stick with ladies wigs post treatment?

I went with Beverley from Natural Image, I believe.  It looked beautiful online and it was even more beautiful when it arrived.  What made me stick with wigs post treatment?... I think it was how easy it was to style them and look after them.  Instant style and it looked so much better than my hair.  I was very busy with the children as my relationship broke down during this time, so being a single mother I maintained my femininity and sex appeal without too much upkeep in the hair department.  Thank god for Beverley!

Thank you so much for your honesty Jo.  Finally what would you say to other women who may be about to embark on or may be going through treatment and subsequent hair loss?

In general?... You’re stronger than you think you are. I I can get through it, anyone can.  I wish you the best of luck.  In terms of wigs... Choose something simple, easy to manage and of the very best quality.  Raquel Welch certainly helped me and I’d recommend one of her wigs.  The feeling you get after a few wears is great, it gives you crucial anonymity during a very difficult time and as a bonus you can really focus on yourself and your family.  The children loved me in mine as they saw it as a sign of mummy getting better, even though I was always open to them that I had no natural hair during this time.

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