Frequently Asked Questions on Wigs

Ladies, if there is one thing to be sure of, it is that you are certainly not alone in the world of wigs.  Regardless of your concerns, queries, difficulties or wonderings:  Our dedicated team of stylists, wig technicians and wig craftsmen are now just a click away.  Get in touch with any question and we will be in touch with a response within 12 working hours.

Ask our experts via e-mail at:  Please find listed below some popular questions previously asked by our current cliental.  We hope you enjoy the read and very much look forward to you getting in touch.

What are Monofilament wigs?

Monofilament wigs have revolutionised the hair market; no longer do we have to settle for ladies wigs that irritate the scalp and are restricted in style. 

Monofilament refers to the material that is used to sew the hair strands into. The material is much more comfortable than the cloth material that can be found in most ladies wigs, monofilament is a thin mesh-like material which is much softer on the scalp; perfect for those who may be slightly more sensitive. 

The hair strands are hand knotted to the material one at a time, allowing the strands much more movement; hence the superb natural appearance that you get with a monofilament wig. This also gives you the choice of how you style your wig.  The hand-tying technique also allows your wig to breathe whilst being worn, preventing heat and minimising moisture build-up. 

Purposefully designed for those who have lost most or all of their hair through cancer treatment or other medical illnesses and treatments, another plus to monofilament fabric is the colour of the cap. Nearly transparent, this adds to the natural look of these wigs; allowing the natural scalp colour to be detected. 

Most of our Monofilament ladies wigs here at are not 100% monofilament; usually just the parting which allows for versatility when it comes to styling. Majority of our wigs have a much more traditional construction at the back of the wig which are better for those who still have a full head of hair; allowing you to adjust your wig to fit you whilst retaining the styling capacity of monofilament wigs. 

What are memory cap wigs?

Memory Cap women’s wigs are an exclusive to our designer Raquel Welsh. Founded by them, perfected and then patented, Raquel Welsh pride themselves on being able to provide a wig where comfort is second to none. 

The lining of memory cap wigs is made from the highest quality lace that has the ability to stretch; moulding to your head shape beautifully –all within an hour! 

What do I need to do before I can wear my ladies wig?

When you receive your ladies wig from, you will need to shake the wig to separate the hair fibres and release the style of the hairpiece. 

The best way to apply a wig if you have a full set of hair is to use a wig cap or liner to keep all of your hair way underneath the wig; maximising fit and obviously giving you the best appearance possible. To fit your wig, hold it at the sides ensuring that the label is to the rear of the wig. Place the front of the wig at your natural hairline and fit it to your scalp; from front to back. The front edge of the wig should be just in front of your natural hairline; adjust as necessary. The ear tabs can be used as a judge to ensure that the wig is central. If the ladies wig has hooks at the base of the neckline, these can be undone if too tight or moved up a notch if too loose. Once you have done this, use a specialist wig brush to style. From there on in, enjoy the look and feel of your ladies wig. Don’t forget it could take a few attempts to get the positioning of your wig just right to ensure optimum comfort. Don’t be afraid of this. If you follow the instructions above, your wig will be undetectable and look absolutely fabulous!

How are wigs most commonly made?

The ladies wig market is predominately filled with wefted cap wigs which are machine made, light to wear and versatile. They are also the cheapest wigs to buy and provide a great basis on which to build your wig collection. Our synthetic wefted wigs are made from fibres which are extremely natural looking; moving much more freely than real hair. Coming in a variety of styles and colours and being able to hold their shape and style, the synthetic wefted wig is an appealing choice for most. These characteristics mean that they do not require heated appliances in order to be styled – they’ll simply hold their shape, allowing you to look effortlessly fabulous time and time again.

How do I know which colour will suit me best?

Our wigs come in a great range of colours so we’re positive that you’ll find something that you fall in love with. If you already had a colour in mind for your wig, but are unsure which of our colours are the closest match, feel free to email us here at and I’ll be happy to help you. You can also send us a sample of your own hair – if this is the colour that you wish to recreate and the details for this can be found on our Contact Us page. You can also purchase a colour ring that will be useful for those who wish to see the colour of their wig in reality prior to purchasing your ladies wig. This is also a great idea for those who purchase wigs often; allowing for colour changes to be as subtle or as bold as you wish!

What sizes do your wigs come in?

Today’s wigs offer great reliability in terms of sizing, with most of them being fitted with adjustable caps to suit your head shape.  The majority of our wigs are of an average size which measures 54 to 57cm. It is advisable that you measure the circumference of your head prior to buying your wig to ensure that you get the best fit possible. 

Most wigs are secured with the use of wig tape which can be found on our accessories page.

How do I measure up for my wig?

It is important that you measure your scalp line prior to ordering a wig from us. Using a soft, flexible measuring tape, follow your natural hairline. This should mean that the tape is placed just above your ear on either side of your head. Most of our average wigs measure 54 to 57cm. If your head circumference measures smaller than this, please have a look at our petite range of wigs.

Can I use heated appliances to style my wigs?

Generally, human hair wigs are the only option if you wish to be able to style your ladies wig yourself. However, even with human hair wigs, you need to check that they are heat resistant. You can find this information in our women’s wig write-ups or check out our ‘Heat resistant’ menu which lists all of our wigs that can be styled with heated appliances. 

Please remember when purchasing your wig that synthetic wigs maintain their style and shape so shouldn’t need to be styled with heated appliances.

If you wish to add volume to your ladies wig but don’t have a heat resistant wig, why not try some of our mousse, specially designed for synthetic and human hair wigs. You can find this on our accessories page. Applying mousse is a great idea for Human Hair wigs which don’t retain their shape as well as synthetic wigs. 

What is a ¾ piece wig?

A ¾ wig or hairpiece is very similar to hair extensions. Allowing you to add volume and length to your own hairstyle, ¾ wigs for ladies are generally attached to your natural hair via a small comb. The comb will normally need to be hidden with a hairband or other accessory. Many people prefer ¾ piece wigs to hair extensions as they do not require as much attention and can transform your look in seconds. 

Can I cut my wig?

Most ladies wigs can be cut to suit your required length or style. Here at, we recommend that you buy a ladies wig that matches the style you are searching for as closely as possible to minimise the amount of adapting required. 

If you do feel that you’d like to cut your ladies wig, here at we always recommend that you should take your wig to an experienced stylist who will be able to adapt your hairpiece for you to ensure that the style is maintained. 

I have recently lost my hair due to cancer treatment. Which type of wig will be most suitable for me?

Firstly, purchasing a wig is a big decision for somebody who has lost their hair to cancer treatment. You need to really think about the shape and style that you wish to recreate with your ladies wig. The type of wig is extremely important, without natural hair to act as a cushion and base for your wig, you will need to choose a hairpiece that is made with yourself in mind. Our monofilament wigs were first designed especially for those who had lost their hair through cancer treatments or from other medical illnesses or reasons. The monofilament caps are made from a thin, mesh-like material that sits on the scalp much more naturally; minimising friction whilst remaining secure. The material is slightly transparent which means that your natural scalp can be seen through the parting of the hair or from the root. Also, why not have a look at our stories page where you can find out about Jo, a lady who suffered from Breast Cancer in her early 30’s and who turned to for help. 

Can I wash my wig?

Yes, all of our ladies wigs can be washed. However, care must be taken and the following measures followed if you are to maintain the quality, style and shape of your ladies wig.

Your wig should be washed in luke warm water with a specialised wig shampoo and conditioner. This is important as other products contain ingredients that will harm the hair used on wigs. The easiest way to wash your wig is to make a solution of shampoo and water and to lay the wig in this, carefully ensuring that the wig is fully immersed and washed – however, be sure not to scrub the wig, this will ruin the fibres in the hair and will affect the quality and shape of your wig. Drain and then rinse your wig in cold water with a small amount of conditioner. To finish the routine, rinse your wig in warm water. With synthetic wigs, it is vitally important that the wig is left to dry naturally, preferably on a wig stand so that the cap is not stretched or affected in anyway. The wig can then be restyled (if it is needed at all) on your head with a specialist wig brush (see our accessories page) It is important that you don’t use a normal hair brush as the bristles will affect the fibres on the hairpiece.  Some wigs are heat resistant (normally up to 160 degrees) and therefore could be dried with a hair dryer. 

How do I store my ladies wig?

You must care for your ladies wig well, and storage must be one of your top priorities in the aftercare of your wig. Wigs should be kept on a wig stand when not being worn. This will help to keep the shape of your ladies wig; maximising the style of your wig and ensuring longevity. Here at we stock a number of wig stands including plastic and chrome versions. 

What sort of wig will suit my face shape?

Your facial shape is an important factor to consider when purchasing your wigs, especially if this is the first wig you are buying. The recommendations below however, are only meant to be a guide. Your personal judgement is most important.


If you have a round face shape, a wig that is symmetrical in style will help to narrow the face and complement round features. A wig that possesses some height will also be complementary as will those designs that involve some feathering or layering around the face. Why not take a look at some of these popular wigs from Premium Wigs UK


Oval face shapes are the pinnacle of the wig world. Most of our wigs will look great on an oval shaped face, mainly due to the great proportion of features found on those with oval shaped faces.


Oblong faces are best framed with a beautiful fringe. Whether full, swept to the side, blunt or feathered, our fringed wigs for women are the key to adding softness to your facial line.


Faces with a triangle shape are best suited with our ladies wigs that are full of layers or that are curly in nature. A fringed wig is also a fabulous idea! Why not try one of the following suggestions? 


A fringe is the perfect addition to any heart shaped face. Whether it be swept to the side, full or feathered, our ladies wigs with fringes are sure to highlight and accentuate your features. Ensuring volume at the chin is also a great idea, so opt for a wig that is feathered or layered around the face.


Bobs are a great accompaniment for those with diamond shaped faces. Fullness is needed at the chin and volume at the top should be avoided. A classic bob wig will be perfect for any wig hunter who has a narrow chin and/or wide cheekbones. A fringed ladies wig will also be a great addition!


Those with a square face need to opt for a wig that has a great amount of softness in the body. A wavy or curly ladies wig will be perfect for this; creating texture and depth to the overall look. Again, a feathered front to the wig will only compliment your facial features.

How do I secure my wig? 

A well-fitting wig for a woman should stay in place relatively well. Our wigs here at Premium Wigs UK have been designed to ensure optimum fit and comfort. You may, however, require extra security when wearing your ladies wig. Wig tape can be used to secure the wig in place. We have hypoallergenic tape in our accessories section of the website which can be used by those who have sensitive skin. Sometimes, people prefer to wear a wig liner however this can cause the wig to slip out of place. Here at Premium Wigs we recommend that you experiment with securing your wig until you find the method that works for you. 

Can I use normal hair products on my wig?

Our wigs and hairpieces here at Premium Wigs UK are of the highest quality. This means that we want you to be happy with the quality and look of your wig for as long as possible. Applying hair products that are designed for natural hair will disrupt the fibre make-up of a synthetic wig and make the wig appear dull and lifeless. The fibres will become weighty and the styling of your wig will drop out of place. In our accessories section, we have a wide range of products from mousses to hairsprays that have been specially formulated for synthetic and human hair wigs. These will only have a positive impact on the style of your wig, rather than a negative one.  

How can I get the most natural look from my wig?

All of our wigs here at Premium Wigs UK have been carefully selected based on their un-detectability as a wig. Only the highest quality hair fibres are used, allowing our ladies wigs to flow freely and create the appearance of natural hair. We also recommend tjhat you buy a wig that fits your specification as closely as possible prior to purchasing. If, however, once you receive your wig you feel that it needs styling slightly to suit you, an experience hair stylist will be able to assist you. Many of our customers adapt fringe lengths, or add extra layers to their wigs and hair pieces. This is absolutely normal and very common – however, please ensure that it is done correctly and by a professional to ensure your style is only maximised, never minimised. 

Our monofilament wigs are a great option for those who are wishing to have the most natural looking wig. You can choose from a wig with a monofilament parting which allows the natural colour of the scalp to show through or a monofilament cap whereby you can choose where your hair parts and how it is styled. See our question What is a monofilament wig? for more information.

Can I send you a hair sample?

Of course. Some people are concerned when buying a wig straight from the website that the colour may not be a close enough match to their natural hair colour. If you are in any doubt, please email one of our team who will be extremely happy to help you. You can send us a small sample of hair or even a photograph via email and we will help you to choose the correct colour.

What sort of brush do I use on my wig?

It is vitally important that you use a brush that has been created especially for use with wigs and hairpieces. Using an ordinary hairbrush will upset the fibres on the wig, causing the style and quality of the wig to be damaged. You can find a range of brushes on our accessories page.

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