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You may be forgiven to judge a wig on first impressions,  after all, if the look isn’t right, it isn’t right!  But what happens when you do find the one that looks perfect for you?  Some may think that that’s the end of the story.  However, that’s not quite the case ladies.  There are so many different aspects to a ladies wig which should be taken into consideration before you delve into the world of wigs and hairpieces.  In this section of our online wig store we’ll detail the different choices our clients have in terms of cap constructions when it comes to achieving the ultimate wig experience.

With the astonishing array of professional cap formulations available online across all of the Premium Wigs UK’s ranges, we’re here to help you distinguish between them. Whether it’s Raquel Welch’s Memory Cap, Inspired’s Comfort Cap, Natural Image’s Hand Tied Collection or everything in between.

Wanting clarity on what monofilament means?  Searching for the most comfortable wig wear experience as you dip your toes into the beautiful world of women’s wigs?  Or, living a hectic lifestyle and in search of the ultimate in lightweight ladies wigs?  The truth is ladies, you’re in the right place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about different wig’s cap constructions.  Are you ready?

Let’s start with Natural Image and Inspired’s Comfort Cap and all of its variations:

Regarded by many as an industry front runner in cap constructions for ladies wigs, Natural Image’s Comfort Cap showcases lightweight stretch wefts, which in turn makes the entire cap and ultimately the wig lighter, breathable and comfortable whilst harnessing dependability certain to impress.  Natural Image’s comfort cap intensifies the comfort experience enjoyed by our clients with a strategically placed soft velvet band at the front, rear and at the ear tabs for an all day long comforting wear.  The final dimension offered by such a cap is your ability to personalise it.  Adjustable ear tabs and fine velcro tapes allow for the ultimate in tailored fits, enhancing your ladies wig experience to never before felt heights.

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Now to the variations...

Comfort Cap Base with Monofilament Part or Crown

Try not to get lost in the words of it all, as it really is as simple as this: Offering the same benefits as the comfort cap,  this ladies wig cap construction allows for the natural parting and movement of the hair in any style, in any direction.  Such movement and parting flexibility is achieved by each hair strand being individually hand-knotted onto a flesh coloured base...Clever stuff!

Monofilament Top with Comfort Cap Base

This form of wig for women cap construction again offers the same benefits as a comfort cap along with parting and movement flexibility created by the before mentioned monofilament technology.  However, what this cap has to offer is a polyurethane grip at the front which elegantly disguises the placement of wig tape, should you wish to attach it for added security.  If you’re looking for continual day after day wear, then you can take advantage of this form of cap construction. 

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Lace Front With Comfort Cap Base and Monofilament Crown and Parting

Let’s take it one step further as we introduce the power of the lace front. Who said choosing a wig was easy?. Again offering all the benefits of a comfort cap, monofilament crown and an undetectable polyurethane grip, what a lace front, or as some refer to it as a front lace cap construction offers, is a virtually invisible, hand knotted sheer lace front, allowing for the pinnacle of off the face styling.  Make the most of your ladies wig and achieve ultimate realism thanks to Natural Image’s industry leading cap craftsmanship and lace front technology.

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100% Hand Knotted Cap Construction

Let’s lay off the importance of a monofilament crown and comfort cap base and bring it back to basics.  A one-hundred percent hand knotted cap construction really is as simple as it sounds.  Taking longer to manufacture as each wig has a 100% hand made base which is developed by a deep embedded hand knotted method, movement and style, is paramount should you wish to rock this alternative cap construction in the world of wigs.  Soft velvet front and ear tab sections allow for superior all day comfort, whilst you show off your incredibly natural style for all the world to see.

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Lace Front Wigs With Comfort Cap Bases

You’ve heard it before and there’s not long left now.  This form of cap construction, whilst not containing a monofilament crown, still offers an undetectable hairline and a sheer hand knotted lace front, whilst guaranteeing the ultimate in indulgent comfort thanks to the innovative, sublime and simply magical Comfort Cap base.  

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Monofilament Cap with Hand Knotted Base and Lace Front.

Last, but by no means least, comes Natural Image’s uniquely realistic masterpiece, perfect for pulling off those natural longer length ladies wigs.  Wig fashion is at it’s pinnacle with this form of cap construction, along with style and of course comfort.  Parting and movement are allowed thanks to it’s monofilament base, however, such a base is also 100% hand knotted onto a lightweight, contoured and stretch fabric, providing the look of naturally moving hair.  Finally, add the realism benefits of natural hair growth with this ladies wig cap constructions’ front lace aspect.  All three characteristics wonderfully intertwine to give you the complete wig experience and have your inner goddess screaming from the rooftops.

The most stunning articles of this form of ladies wig cap construction is showcased in Inspired’s Tantalise and Eternity Wigs.

Let us move swiftly on and discover how Raquel Welch’s wigs have got ladies wig lovers talking over recent years.

Raquel Welch Memory Cap II

A patented masterpiece, the pinnacle of style and comfort and industry defining standards are just some of the superlatives issued by industry experts in relation to the Memory Cap range by Raquel Welch.  Raquel Welch’s Memory Cap II comes with a variety of features, all designed to form a majestic collage of comfort, style and realism.  Firstly, her Memory Cap II quite literally learns the shape of your head forever after just one hour of wear.  It’s patented formula means your entire wig experience is one of tailored comfort to your own head, utterly intensifying your confidence and happiness.  Open wefted back and side sections of Raquel Welch’s wigs guarantee lightweight wear and breathability aspects, unparalleled by any other in the industry.  By allowing for all day long comfort and a personalised fit to your own head, makes Raquel Welch the perfect wing women for millions of wig wearers every year.  Her comfort and realism is superbly matched by two adjustable rear velcro straps and ear tabs allowing you to fine tune your wig experience to never before seen heights.

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All Raquel Welch wigs in our collection are composed using a Memory Cap II base, however, that’s only half of the story ladies.  Such a cap construction is complimented further, as specified on our individual product pages, by a series of other features, unrivaled by any other in the industry.

Such features include;

Sheer Indulgence Lace Front - Creating a totally undetectable hairline and supreme off the face styling, this Raquel Welch cap construction feature is perfect for those utterly compelling styles which demand natural movement, vibrancy and ultimate realism.

Monofilament Top - Creating the beautiful illusion of natural hair growth from your very own head and allowing for natural  movement and parting of the hair thanks to each hair fibre being individually hand-tied onto a flesh coloured mesh base Memory Cap II.

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So ladies, whether you’re searching for all day comfort, the ultimate in realism or a natural hairline for that adventurous style, with the help of Premium Wigs UK’s experts, we hope this information on different wigs’ cap construction has been useful.

This section will be continually updated as our range grows into the winter and spring of 2012/2013.  As ever, if you require further information on wig cap constructions, feel free to get in touch via our contact form or e-mailing

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