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Contacting Premium Wigs UK


Here at Premium Wigs UK we pride ourselves on maintaining an exceptional level of customer service.  Our loyal customer base, built and grown over many years both online and in store is the most important thing to us.  Feel free to contact us using our easy to complete contact form or by e-mailing a member of the team at:  We offer a wealth of experience in the world of wigs and are more than happy to support you in any way possible to make the process of choosing, buying and wearing a wig as easy, enjoyable and as comfortable as possible.  We will guarantee a response from one of our professional end expert team within 24 hours.


Please feel free to contact one of our helpful team if you have any issues, questions or queries with regards to wigs you have brought or perhaps ladies or mens wigs you are interested in purchasing.  Call us now on:07590901218

(opening times: 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.  9am to 5:30pm Saturday.  Excluding Bank Holidays)

By Post

Feel free to write in to us with any questions you may have about your wigs.  Once received we will ensure we send a reply to you within 3 working days.

PWUK, PO Box 377, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 9HX.


Payments Accepted 


All online payments are 100% secure.  We guarantee no infringement of your personal data. All payments are processed by a secure medium.  We accept all common credit/debit cards including MasterCard, VISA, Switch,Solo,American Express & Maestro. 


Alternatively, you can pay for your goods using PayPal where you will be redirected to their site to complete your payment.  Once complete you will be redirected back to our site where you will be given your order confirmation details.  These details will also be sent to you via e-mail.   


In a bid to make our payments accepted range include everyone’s payment preferences you can also send us a cheque.  Please make your cheque payable to ‘Alexander Dalley’ ensuring the amount covers the total cost of your goods including postage if applicable (£2.95 if your order is less than £50 or free if your order is over £50).  Please ensure you write your desired delivery address and the name of the wig(s) you wish to purchase and send them to: ‘Alexander Dalley, PO Box 377, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 9HX’  Please allow up to 7 days for all cheques to clear and the despatch of your wig to your required delivery address.  


Please see below our featured help topics which we hope will assist you in the purchase of your wig from Premium Wigs UK.  If you have any issues which we have not covered below or sufficiently to your preferences then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our extremely helpful and friendly team at  

Featured Help Topics

Checking, Amending or Canceling my Wig Order.

Returns Policy

Exchange Policy

Shipping & Delivery


Checking, Amending or Canceling My Wig Order

Checking My Wig Orders’ Status 

Reviewing your wig order and checking it’s status couldn’t be easier.  Simply go to the ‘Orders and Returns’ link at the bottom of every Premium Wig page and follow the on screen instructions.  Discover whether your wig has been despatched and review your wig orders contents including price, delivery and the name of your purchased wig.

Amending My Wig Order 

Due to the varying range of requests involving amending your wig order please contact us via telephone or email at: 

Please quote your order reference number and request.  We guarantee one of our award winning customer service representatives will respond with updates on your wigs’ purchase and subsequent amendments swiftly.  Please note; if your wig has already been despatched your order must be dealt with as an exchange and as such any postage costs incurred during this transaction are not accountable by Premium Wigs UK.

Canceling My Wig Order

We understand and appreciate that it is within your consumer rights if you wish to cancel the order of your wig.  There are three simple steps to follow to ensure this is done effectively and efficiently:

 1. Please ensure that your wig has not been despatched by following the ‘Checking My Wig Order’s Status’ help topic found above.  Please note: If your order has already been despatched (usually within 24 hours) the cancellation of your wig purchase must be dealt with as a return.  In this case; please see featured help topic ‘Returning my Wig’.  Please also note that under these circumstances Premium Wigs UK cannot be held accountable for any postage costs incurred during this transaction and the cost of postage will be deducted from the balance owed back to you.  

2. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone quoting your wig order reference number.  As soon as this contact is received your order will be immediately cancelled by one of our helpful Premium Wigs customer service representatives.  Please note; that it is within our ‘seller rights’ to hold your funds for up to 28 days past the purchase of your wig.  However, our average return time in this instance for 2009-2011 was less than 4 days.  

3. Relax with peace of mind that the issue of your wig purchase has been dealt with and look forward to your funds being returned to you swiftly and professionally.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the future for the wearing and use of your wigs.  


Returns Policy 

Returning My Wig

Our customers are the most valuable thing to us and you as a member of our customer family will receive nothing less than exceptional service in the buying, amending and if needed the return of your wig order.  You may return one or all of your products ordered from us within 28 days of the purchase date for a full refund minus any shipment costs incurred by Premium Wigs UK.  Please follow the below steps for the safe, effective and efficient return of our wig products and funds to your bank account. 

 1. Please contact us via telephone or e-mail at: within 28 days of your order placement stating that you wish to return your wig and quoting your order reference number.  We will send you a returning reference number and a delivery address to return your wig and/or other wig related products to.

2. Securely send your wig back to us.  We recommend using ‘recorded delivery’ in this instance.  Under these circumstances Premium Wigs UK cannot be held responsible for goods lost in transit and a return will not be processed further until your order is received by us.  Furthermore, Premium Wigs UK cannot be held responsible for goods damaged during this process; so remember to pack them safely and securely.  Please note; if you received a free promotional gift during this transaction please remember to return this to us along with your wig.  Failure to do so will hold up the returns process further and delay your funds being returned to you.  

3. Once received by us your wig and other wig products will be inspected by our quality administrator.  Due to the nature of our products this process is very detailed and we guarantee high levels of scrutiny for health and well being reasons.  The removal of packaging and cellophane may harm your chances of being given a refund along with visible signs of damage.  Premium Wigs UK will only accept returns from smoke-free and pet-free homes.  Under no circumstances can this stance be changed due to our continuous promise to supply products in a nothing less than exceptional condition to our other customers.

4. Once your wig and other wig related products have passed our quality inspection report we will notify you by e-mail that your goods have been successfully returned and your funds are on their way back to you.  Please note; that it within our ‘seller rights’ to hold your funds for up to 28 days past the point of which your wig(s) were received by us.  However, our average return time for 2008-2011 was 3 working days.  From the small number of return requests throughout 2010 and 2011 we successfully passed and processed 95% of them.  Please also note that if you were entitled to free shipping due to the value of your order.  The balance owed back to you from the purchase of your wig will be the sale price minus any postage costs incurred during this transaction.  


Exchange Policy

Exchanging my Wig 

Exchanging your wig or other products couldn’t be more simple.  Simply follow the below steps to ensure this transaction is carried out as smooth and efficiently as possible and start enjoying the look of your desired wig with ease, comfort and confidence in Premium Wigs UK.

1. Please e-mail us stating your order number and desired new products. (Please indicate the name of the wig or other products you wish to exchange your original wig goods for).

2. We will respond within 24 hours with a delivery address to return your goods to along with a ‘returning reference number’.  Please note, this will only be successful if your order has been placed in the previous 28 days.  

3. Send your goods back to us.  Please note, Premium Wigs UK cannot be held responsible for goods lost in transit and/or damaged during this point of the transaction.  Therefore we recommend using ‘recorded delivery’ and remember to pack them safely and securely.  Damaged goods will seriously hamper the likelihood of you being granted an exchange after our quality inspection report.  

4. Your wig and/or other wig related products will then go through a thorough quality inspection report.  We only accept returns and exchanges from smoke-free and pet-free homes.  Physical signs of damage will also decrease the likelihood of an exchange being approved.  

5. Once your original product(s) have completed our quality inspection report we will swiftly notify you by e-mail the results of this.  In 98.4% of cases exchanges have been approved and in these instances you will receive a despatch confirmation e-mail of your new goods.

6. If there is a negative price difference between the cost of your original goods’ and your new requested wig goods you will be asked to pay the difference via one of our payment methods mentioned previous.

7. If there is a positive price difference between the costs of your original goods and you new requested wig goods.  This price difference will be returned to your account within 28 days, although usually a lot sooner.  Please allow up to 7 working days for this exchange procedure to be fully completed from the point in which we receive your original goods back from you.    Please also be aware that due to the cost of reshipping the balance owed by either yourself or by Premium Wigs UK will include the extra cost of reshipping your item.

8. Sit back and anticipate the arrival fo your wig and enjoy the supreme service offered by our helpful Premium Wigs customer service team.


Shipping & Delivery 

When will I receive my wig?

Your wig will be despatched no later than 36 hours after your order has been placed on a next day delivery via Royal Mail's next day delivery service, meaning you will not have to wait longer than 3 working days for your wig to arrive.

Can I have my wig the very next day?

We understand that you may want your wig or products urgently, for that special occasion perhaps.  Therefore, if you have placed your order after 2pm please contact our warehouse team at and we will do everything in our power to guarantee a same day despatch to you.  You will be notified by e-mail if this request has been successful.  Please note that this service excludes weekends and UK public bank holidays’.  If your order is placed before 2pm we guarantee despatch that very same day.

What should I do If I haven’t received my wig?

If you have not received your goods within 7 days of your order placement then please contact one of our friendly team at and we will be more than happy to assist you in locating your orders’ whereabouts.  

In these circumstances we will contact our courier and locate your goods.  Goods which have not been received within 28 days are classified as ‘lost in transit’ and in these very rare circumstances we will despatch a replacement wig to you as a matter of priority.  In three years of premium service to our wig lovers this circumstance have risen just twice.  

What are the shipping fees I may face to deliver my wig?

Order’s under £50 will be subject to a delivery charge of £2.95.  If the purchase of your wig exceeds £50 you will face no delivery charge.

Can I have my goods shipped outside of the United Kingdom? 

We are able to ship goods internationally.  Please allow 5 to 7 working days for their arrival.  Please follow the necessary checkout steps and under ‘country’ always select ‘United Kingdom’  (This is purely for shipping insurance purposes).  Please use the free text boxes to tell us your address and include the country of destination.  A standard shipping charge of £2.95 (orders under £50) applies and no shipping charges apply to orders over £50.

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